Hooded Baby Sweater

It’s been quiet here for the past few weeks, because I have been working on many different things! Besides catching up on my hats order and taking care of some administrative tasks, I’ve also knitted/crocheted several things, including two birthday gifts for two adorable little girls, a sweater for my dear Samantha, and something new for the shop!

One of my favorite yarn of all time (which has been discontinued already, unfortunately) is the Crystal Palace Taos.

It’s s self-striping yarn, but what I find most amazing about it is that each section of the yarn is made up of two colors, and it just makes your knitting looks so much more sophisticated even with just plain stockinette stitch. And… I think I might have just found the perfect pattern where I can use this beautiful yarn I have!

I was sold the minute I saw this cute hooded sweater, and the size that was listed for free online was just the perfect size for Samantha! I paired the Taos yarn with a heathered pink yarn and came up with this beautiful hooded sweater.

finished sweater

This sweater was done just in time for the cool weather! My favorite part was the slanted row of buttons. I think not only do they makes the sweater looks special, but it also makes it convenient to fit the sweater through a constantly-wiggling-baby’s head! And the hood, so functional AND cute with that pointed tip!

slanted collar buttons

I love patterns like this one that has minimal sewing of seams, because while I enjoy the knitting part very much, I dread the sewing part so much that I sometimes end up leaving the project unfinished for weeks before finally sewing the seams together…



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